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Prepare to Succeed
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1. Prepare to Succeed

A coaching relationship can last from 25 seconds to 25 years depending on the person being coached and the need. It may be as brief as a nod to a new colleague that provides the confidence to persevere. It may be a long term relationship with someone who is on your team for the duration.

In every situation if you Prepare to Succeed you will do better. There are three key elements in preparation. You’ll do each of these in different ways depending on how much time is available.

Three Key Elements in Preparation


Do your homework about the person you are coaching.
You’ll have to ‘get them’, that is, understand their attributes and individuality. With that thinking done you’ll have a better chance at success.


Take the time to think about what needs to be done.
Coaching is about helping people move in baby steps. It’s often like Chess. Many steps to success. As you start coaching someone, having done your homework about them, think just what it is you want to accomplish.

At the beginning of a relationship you’ll have a very general goal, having not yet heard from your coachee. Later before each individual meeting, and even coaching on the fly, stop to plan your moves to make your coaching efforts more thoughtful.


Find a quiet environment to talk.
The coachee needs to focus so that your input can do its job. Usually it is a baby step aimed at altering a well-entrenched pattern. Coach where you have their undivided attention and they have yours.

2. The Online Coaching Clinic

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