e-courses: Keep Staff Engaged with E-mailed Tips and Advice

What Are e-courses?

e-courses such as our Balance Bites and Coaching Chips, can complement workshops or stand alone. When used to complement workshops participants receive customized weekly emails. These keep them motivated and engaged after the workshop. In these e-mails, we can also direct employees to The Online Coaching Clinic for additional learning.

Why Use e-courses?

As stand alone development, e-courses work because they follow advertising learning principles of frequency and duration. We recommend that one section of each course be sent to learners weekly for 26 weeks. Weekly receipt of a learning opportunity will keep the topic fresh in the learner's mind. Sending the course over 26 weeks provides ample opportunity for the topic to really seed, germinate and be cultivated in the learner's mind. So much learning passes like a ship in the night. Frequency and duration overcomes that waste of money.

What Is The Format Of e-courses?

Here's a sample Balance Bite and Coaching Chip. Here's an e-course menu of what's available.

How Can I Find Out More About e-courses?

Contact us to learn more about our e-courses.