Solution Focused Executive Coaching

The Coaching Doesnít Start Until Thereís a Vision of What Success Looks Like

Success Focused Executive Coaching aims to help our clients reach their goals in the shortest possible time. First we work with our clients to help them visualize the dynamics of their success. Then together we look backward from that vision of success to identify whatís different, solutions to struggles and action strategies. Only then does the coaching start.

Our Coaching Uses Many Devices

Often coaching is asking questions which stimulate creative and reflective thinking. And, itís lots more. It can be confrontation, subject matter expertise, cheerleading, script-writing, a helping hand, a beacon on the future, an objective outside point of view, finding the right challenge and many other devices. Our experience helps us to coach whatís necessary at the right time. When our skill set doesn't apply we have a broad range of specialist colleagues to turn to.

Coaching Works for Many People

We've coached professionals and executives on topics as far ranging as leadership, work life balance, business development, change management, communication, career development and conflict management. You can see the ideas that undergird these topics in our workshop descriptions.

The commonality is that coaching almost always is about starting, cultivating and improving productive and satisfying relationships.

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