Jerome Shore

Jerome Shore is the Managing Partner of The Coaching Clinic. Jerome founded The Coaching Clinic in 1992 following a first career in executive management of advertising agencies. The Coaching Clinic's mission is to help individuals and organizations survive and thrive in the modern workplace.

Jerome has been involved in the development of all the programs in The Coaching Clinic and delivers workshops such as Marketing Your Professional Service, Getting Stress Hardy, Managing Yourself During Change, Leadership and Coaching Skills for Managers.

As an Executive Coach Jerome primarily works with clients around Business Development and Leadership Strategy.

Jerome can be reached at or 416-787-5555.

Marjorie Shore

Marjorie Shore M.S.W. is a principal trainer and coach within The Coaching Clinic. She is a registered psychotherapist and brings many years of hands on corporate coaching experience.

Marjorie has had a prime hand in the design of the content in The Coaching Clinic. She delivers workshops in the areas of Resilience, Work Life Harmony, Communication, Conflict Management, Emotional Intelligence and Managing Change.

As an Executive Coach Marjorie primarily works with clients around Work Life Balance, Workplace Issues, Transition to the Next Level and Leadership.

Margie can be reached at or 416-928-2865.

Christine Delaney

Christine is an associate of The Coaching Clinic. She acts as a consultant to clients in the areas of Organizational Wellness and Disability Management. She is involved in employee development as a workshop facilitator and as an executive coach.

Christine has a Bachelor of Social Work degree and 20+ years of experience as a human resources manager in the Peel District School Board, Canada's largest and most innovative. She has successfully worked with unions and management to identify, plan and implement solutions to complex organizational challenges.

Christine can be reached at