Health & Safety Training

The Coaching Clinic provides health & safety training as required for all employers under the Ontario Health and Safety Act, administered by the Ministry of Labour.

The Competent Supervisor


  • Understanding how a competent supervisor thinks and acts
  • Understanding the new amendments on workplace violence and harassment prevention
  • Understanding the importance of hazard identification, the Internal Responsibility System and communication in achieving safety
  • Developing a practical understanding of ‘due diligence’ as it applies to the day-to-day administrative challenges
  • Motivating cost reduction by taking additional steps to address safety in the workplace
  • Participants successfully complete a quiz at the end of the program

Safe From Violence and Harassment


  • Understanding Part III.0.1 of the Occupation Health and Safety Act: Workplace Violence and Harassment : who, what, when, where and why
  • Understanding policies & procedures related to the new amendments
  • Developing workplace specific strategies for the prevention, investigation, and remediation of harassment and violence (including resources such as EAP)
  • Learning and practicing strategies for early intervention and de-escalation of incidents of harassment and violence
  • Developing and practicing communication skills aimed at achieving a respectful workplace
  • Learn about certain elements including topics which may be supported by a customized video

Part 1 Certification Training

This course was developed specifically to address the curriculum requirements for certified members of joint health and safety committees, health and safety representatives, health and safety coordinators, supervisors, managers and workers and the training is approved by the workplace safety and insurance board of Ontario.


  • Working effectively as a key member of a joint health and safety committee
  • Understanding how to carry out the responsibilities of a certified member and advise on hazard evaluations and controls in the workplace
  • Understanding how to conduct workplace inspections effectively
  • Understanding how to perform an accident investigation to discover the root cause and to prevent a reoccurrence
  • Understanding how to respond appropriately to work refusals
  • To work as an integral part of the internal responsibility system to ensure a safe and healthy workplace

Part 2 Certification Training (Workplace Specific Hazard Training Modules)

Upon completion of various Part 2 Workplace Specific Hazard training courses, all participants will be able to advise about hazard evaluations and controls in the workplace and effectively conduct workplace inspections.

These awareness level courses meet the WSIB Part 2 Training requirements for certified members of the Joint Health and Safety Committee and are also recommended for all members of the JHSC, Health and Safety representative, supervisors, managers and workers.


  • Understanding the workplace specific hazard and how it causes injury and / or disease
  • Understanding the current legislation applicable to the workplace specific hazards being addressed
  • Understanding how to identify potential exposures and assess each in terms of the requirements for the injury to occur or the disease to develop
  • Understanding to identify control of the hazards
  • Understanding how to prepare and action plan to identify, assess and control the hazard in the workplace

The Coaching Clinic also has the capacity to deliver workshops in Disability Management, Return to Work planning, Accident Investigation and WHMIS.

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